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In Reply To: re: sex during pregnancy

Date Tue May 25 2004 17:27

Author bay ([email protected])

Enter your message here.I am planning to become pregnant soon, and have some questions about the
danger level of certain activities at various stages of pregnancy:

When during a pregnancy does sexual activity pose a threat of miscarriage ?

If I inseminate near my ovulation date, should I refrain from sexual
activity for the following two weeks, until I know if I am pregnant or not ?
(i.e. - could sex cause a miscarriage before 4 weeks LNMP ?)

Once I know I am pregnant (4 weeks LNMP or later), is sex dangerous for the
fetus during the first trimester ? Second ? Third ?

Does smoking marijuana pose a threat of miscarriage before 4 weeks LNMP ?
(if I don't know yet if I'm pregnant, could smoking marijuana endanger the
implantation or survival of a blastocyte or embryo ?)

IF you are at all familiar with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and/or
Ehlers-Danlos genetic ligament disorder:
does having PCOS or Ehlers-Danlos mean a home birth is too risky to attempt ?

thank you very much,


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