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Date Tue Jan 21 2003 18:26

Author Eveith Miller ([email protected])

Understand that in some arenas they will say that your daughter is high risk. A midwife might say that she should plan a home birth if that's what she really really wants and then understand that if the screws in her back bother her or interfere in some way with the process of normal labor and birth.... then she will be transported to a hospital. But!... There is always the possibility that she may have no problems and that she will sail through her labor and delivery without any Pain or interference... and that should never be taken away from her. We sued to use a phase in our midwifery world called A trial of labor... it think that applies here.
I would say to plan both possibilities...
But.... I would not be aloud to be place in a catch all position and told with out true consideration or council of her history with that situation that she is high risk....

I would love to chat with you more...please feel free to call me or write again.....I would like to know what you decided, and how she is doing?

Try... ok?


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