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Subject previous births & epidural

Date Fri May 12 2006 09:29
Author SArah ()

A little history. I am currently pg with my 4th child (5th pg). My first was 9 hrs, 2nd was 6 hrs, and last was 4 hrs. I have also been told by my current and previous midwife that I have a body that is shaped for "childbirth". Before I even told my current midwife about my previous labors she had already guessed they were somewhat easy and quick after doing my pap.

Are previous labors any indication of how your next will proceed? I know labor/delivery can never really be predicted but are the odds for me or against me with having had 3 previous good labors with no complications and no medications?

Also is there ever a time when an epidural would be considered *necessary* other than for a c-section?


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