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Subject I'm 23, what time of the month can I get

Date Fri Aug 30 2002 08:50

Author jennnifer ()

Do I count from the first day or last day of my cycle
for ovulation?
I have been counting from the last day and can't get pregnant
My doctor wants me to have fertility testing.
what can you tell me


     Subject regrading ovulation

Date Tue May 25 2004 17:27

Author bay ()

Jennifer: I worked at a women's clinic in Oregon and we advised women to consider the first day of their period as Day 1, with ovulation ocurring on or close to Day 14, in a regular 28-day cycle. It will work best to calculate approximately when you will ovulate, and then observe mucus changes, and the feeling of pulling in one ovary to know when you have actually ovulated. I have been taught by midwives and feminist healthworkers that pregnancy is most likely to be achieved when inseminating for 5 days before ovulation, on the day of ovulation, and for 3 days after -- meaning you have about 8 days out of a given cycle in which to try. Good luck !


     Subject a good book

Date Tue Feb 4 2003 11:10

Author Gina ()

I read your post on I wanted to recommend a book that helped me to get pregnant after 6 years! It is called "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" and you can find it just about anywhere. It should answer all your questions!

And by the way...if you do get pregnant, Ms. Miller is a wonderful midwife and I would greatly recommend using her!


Subject High Risk Pregnancy?

Date Sun Dec 8 2002 09:42

Author Vicki ()

My 17 yr daughter is pregnant. LMP 10/12/02 EDD 7/19/03. Our problem, other her being a teen mom, is that she broke her back 4/01 & had 6 screws (L4,L5,S1-no rods)put in 8/01. She's overwieght (5'8.5", 221 lbs), but otherwise healthy. Is it possible for her to use a mid-wife or will this make a high risk pregnancy?


     Subject back

Date Tue Jan 21 2003 18:26

Author Eveith Miller ()

Understand that in some arenas they will say that your daughter is high risk. A midwife might say that she should plan a home birth if that's what she really really wants and then understand that if the screws in her back bother her or interfere in some way with the process of normal labor and birth.... then she will be transported to a hospital. But!... There is always the possibility that she may have no problems and that she will sail through her labor and delivery without any Pain or interference... and that should never be taken away from her. We sued to use a phase in our midwifery world called A trial of labor... it think that applies here.
I would say to plan both possibilities...
But.... I would not be aloud to be place in a catch all position and told with out true consideration or council of her history with that situation that she is high risk....

I would love to chat with you more...please feel free to call me or write again.....I would like to know what you decided, and how she is doing?

Try... ok?


Subject pregnant?

Date Thu Jan 2 2003 14:15

Author Debbie ()

Hello my last period was Dec13th,i noticed the eggwhite discharge on the 23rd through the 26th is it true you ovulate 2 weeks after your period?thanks



Date Mon Jan 6 2003 15:43

Author TERI ()



Subject is L-Tyrosine safe during pregnancy?

Date Sat Apr 26 2003 22:02

Author Lisa ()

just wondering


     Subject L-Tyrosine during pregnancy

Date Wed Feb 4 2004 03:20

Author Karin ()

I've read that it's not recommended to take amino acid
supplements during pregnancy, since they could off-set the
balance needed by the growing fetus. Have your amino acid
levels checked by your doctor first, and see if she recommends that you take any supplements.


Subject job

Date Wed Jun 25 2003 19:43

Author lauren ()

I'm 11 and i would like to know what you need to be a midwife like gcses and a levels and how long you have to go to collage for i would love to be a midwife so please can you reply and tell me what i need to be one thanks alot
Lauren xx


Subject just some questions

Date Thu Sep 4 2003 12:07

Author Jill Caporale ()

I have always wanted to use a midwife for my delivery, but I can not locate one in my area (Wichita Falls,TX). I am not yet trying to get pregnant because I want to find someone I am comfortable with first. I want to have a midwife, but deliver in a clinic-type setting,not in my home. The closest people I can find are people like you in Dallas.

Can you give me some advice on where to find someone in my area?


Subject herbs

Date Wed Sep 10 2003 17:47

Author Bobbie ()

What herbs are recommened for the birth process and stretch marks?
Thank you


Subject am in my third trimester

Date Wed Sep 24 2003 15:46

Author anna ()

ever since i been getting closer and closer to my due day, i been feeling more and more depressed,, i been crying alot also for any little thing.i dont want my baby to be distress or have any emotional problems. i try to talk to my boyfriend but he doesn't understand. i been looking for a midwife to talk to for some advise but i haven't contacted any can you give me some advice thanks alot.


Subject can i

Date Thu Dec 18 2003 12:46

Author ashley ()

can i get preganat when i have been on my birthcontrol shoot and then i missed a shot and i had a period and i had sex on my period


Subject Military Girl

Date Wed Dec 31 2003 11:08

Author Lacey ()

I've never liked or trusted doctors and hospitals so when I was a little girl I decided to have my children completly natural and at home but since I'm in the military I will be traveling a lot. So can anyone tell me which states it's legal for me to do that and which states it's not, please.


Subject Locate

Date Fri Jan 30 2004 12:11

Author jeremy ()

I am interested in doing research on the field of Midwifery. I am interested in locating a midwifery organization in my area. I live in Syracuse, NY. Is there a directory that I could access?



Subject responsibilities of a midwife

Date Sun Mar 7 2004 13:39

Author Emma ()

can you tell me what are the responsibilities of a midwife before tomorrow


Subject re: sex during pregnancy

Date Tue May 25 2004 17:27

Author bay ()

Enter your message here.I am planning to become pregnant soon, and have some questions about the
danger level of certain activities at various stages of pregnancy:

When during a pregnancy does sexual activity pose a threat of miscarriage ?

If I inseminate near my ovulation date, should I refrain from sexual
activity for the following two weeks, until I know if I am pregnant or not ?
(i.e. - could sex cause a miscarriage before 4 weeks LNMP ?)

Once I know I am pregnant (4 weeks LNMP or later), is sex dangerous for the
fetus during the first trimester ? Second ? Third ?

Does smoking marijuana pose a threat of miscarriage before 4 weeks LNMP ?
(if I don't know yet if I'm pregnant, could smoking marijuana endanger the
implantation or survival of a blastocyte or embryo ?)

IF you are at all familiar with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and/or
Ehlers-Danlos genetic ligament disorder:
does having PCOS or Ehlers-Danlos mean a home birth is too risky to attempt ?

thank you very much,


Subject how can i convice to get preganat??

Date Sun Sep 26 2004 21:16

Author marissa ()

Hi i am 28 year old and i also have one son already but i was try to get preganat again but my start peroid was on sept 23 and how long can i get preganat ?? how it work ?? how long it connect to eggs to get preganat but im on 20 days cycles not make any sense?? can you help me the answer but honestly im hard of hearing !!!!! thanks ! marissa


Subject questions for a job

Date Wed Oct 6 2004 16:44

Author jenny ()

i am currently a LVN in school to become a RN. while going to school i wanted to know if i can get a job working with a midwife who will be willing to train me. i want my speciality to be midwifery and i LOVE babies and momies. Also if you can give me a guess at the starting salary i would greatly appreciate it.


Subject questions aout pregcant

Date Mon Nov 22 2004 23:43

Author carrie ()

Hello, I bleed on nov 1 and it was gone by the 2rd. I took a test and it was neg. Im moody,sleepy,crying for no reason, leg cramps and headace. Could I be Pregant?


Subject question about preganat

Date Mon Nov 22 2004 23:55

Author carrie ()

Can you be preganat and still have a period? thanks


Subject locating a midwife

Date Tue Jan 18 2005 16:07

Author sheena ()

my husband and i are absolutely certain that we want to have this baby at home. i study meditation and herbal remedies, and i am really sensitive to atmospheres. the last thing in the world that i want is to be rushed through my delivery and herded in a direction that i don't feel comfortable with. unfortunately, my baby will be born on an Air force base in Turkey, and i'm afraid that i will have difficulty finding a midwife. are there international organizations that can help me locate one? (for instance, if there is a qualified midwife living on the base, could she be registered with an organization so that i can locate her?)


Subject organisation of midwifery care

Date Wed Jan 26 2005 21:16

Author fiona

please tell me what local and national strategies there are for the influence of the organisation of midewifery care


     Subject k

Date Wed Jan 26 2005 21:18

Author fiona

Enter your message here.


Subject Responsibilities of a midwife

Date Fri Jul 8 2005 15:03

Author karen ()

Would you give me the responsibilities of a midwife? Thanks


Subject have a irregular period

Date Thu Dec 8 2005 01:45

Author aleza ()

hi am 21 and i wan to get pregnant but i have a irregular period?i usually get it in the middle of the month? how can i do it?


Subject want to get pregnant but have a irregula

Date Thu Dec 8 2005 01:49

Author aleza ()

hi am 21 and i been trying to get prenant.i have an irregular period? it comes in the middle of the month. my husband and i been not protecting ourselves for almost 2 years? what can i do? we really love kids. this last two months my period came on time. what can i do to get pregnant? please help


Subject Hypothyroid and pregnancy

Date Sun Feb 26 2006 19:48

Author Jodi Swenson ()

I currently have hypothyroidism which is controled with synthriod. My last levels were checked and my tsh was 2.29- I had recently had a misscarriage (lost the baby at 7weeks, but my body didn't take care of the loss till I was about 11 weeks.)

I'm concerned about my hypothyroidism and the pregnancy- my levels appeared to be normal throughout that pregnancy, but still lost the baby.

I'm wondering if you can give me any advice on what more I can do to help my thyroid function, so that when I do get pregnant again it can be successful.


Subject Having a baby.

Date Mon Mar 20 2006 16:10

Author Charlene ()

I am 36.5 weeks pregnant is it too late to see a midwife and plan a home birth?


Subject how to start labour

Date Wed Mar 29 2006 12:47

Author joanna matthews ()

Enter your message here.i am a week over due i would like to know what i could do to start labour i have heard about a herble tea and i would like to know the name


Subject previous births & epidural

Date Fri May 12 2006 09:29

Author SArah ()

A little history. I am currently pg with my 4th child (5th pg). My first was 9 hrs, 2nd was 6 hrs, and last was 4 hrs. I have also been told by my current and previous midwife that I have a body that is shaped for "childbirth". Before I even told my current midwife about my previous labors she had already guessed they were somewhat easy and quick after doing my pap.

Are previous labors any indication of how your next will proceed? I know labor/delivery can never really be predicted but are the odds for me or against me with having had 3 previous good labors with no complications and no medications?

Also is there ever a time when an epidural would be considered *necessary* other than for a c-section?



Subject Red Rasberry Leaf?

Date Tue May 23 2006 19:02

Author Jennifer ()

I've heard that Red Rasberry Leaf can strenghten your uterus to be more efficent with contractions during labor. Can It some how strenghthen things so much that it can actually cause you to be over due and not go into labor when you might have if you didn't take it? In other words, can it hinder labor from starting?


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