Have your baby at home with your family and a midwife

A Midwife in Texas will care for you and baby


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Have your baby at home with your family and a midwife

Midwife Providing Homebirth Care

A homebirth service for women and families who prefer to have their babies in the comfort of their own home. 

   A complete, professional program specializing in homebirth care is now available in the greater Dallas area for mothers and families seeking highly personalized and competent guidance, instruction and assistance in the joy of childbirth at home. 

                  Over 1,240 babies delivered in a home birth or clinic setting

Homebirth is safe, less expensive and uniquely satisfying when guided by a professionally competent advisor and attendant.

     This Professional Highly Personalized style of care is available throughout your pregnancy program with childbirth education classes and a full range and scope of Midwifery care including homebirths and waterbirths in the comfort of your home with your family at your side. We offer free consultations in our office.  Our fees are flexible and determined by the program you choose. Our office Midwives travel to small towns to assist with your home birth, provide classes and speak about the practice of Midwives in your area.

         For questions call us at a no charge / Metro call   *817-528-0274

A Midwife in Texas will care for you and baby

Midwifery In Texas is legal and always has been

It's apart of the culture an heritage of this state.  Midwives are trained professionals governed by Texas Department of Health

This office extends itself as public speakers to consumers and student midwives.

 We are available to speak and teach at conferences. We will travel state wide for lecturing and teaching. Students may list their names and numbers here to network with each other.

Midwives are socially responsible well trained people who run their midwife practices in a way that provides a service to the community and educates woman and families in a way that benifits all the family. Midwives  provide to families what they want, relationship, a service, and a reasonable cost for health care during pregnancy and labor and delivery.

Thank you to visiting us call metro 817-528-0274

Alternative Birthing Care Services
Service is available statewide.

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